Diverse experimental sites

Mekorot R&D Centers
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Eshkol – Central Laboratory: Center for Surface Water Purification and Technologies
Shafdan – Center for Advanced Wastewater and Effluent Technologies
Sabcha (Eilat) – Center for Desalinated Brackish and Sea Water Technologies
3000 diversified facilities across Israel
“Shafdan” System

Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation of Effluents R&D center

  • Israel is a global leader in wastewater treatment and effluent reclamation for agricultural usage with reuse ratio of 85%
  • Israel is a global leader in wastewater treatment and effluent reclamation for agricultural usage with reuse ratio of 85%
  • 6 Infiltration ponds are used in the SAT (Soil Aquifer Treatment) process for effluent reclamation
  • 150 wells for reclaimed water production and monitoring producing 145 cubic m3
  • 90 km of reclaimed water pipeline to the Northern Negev desert for agriculture irigation
  • 32 pumping stations, 500.000 cubic meters of operational reservoirs, 17.2 million cubic meters of seasonal reservoirs

Wastewater treatment & quality R&D center

  • Operational since 2017
  • Among the largest and most advanced in the world
  • Filtration capability of 1.7 MCM/day
  • Turbidity level – 0.1 NTU throughout the year
  • Testing and implementation of advanced treatment and monitoring technologies
  • The plant treats the water pumped from Lake Kinneret and supplied to the population countrywide:
    • The removal of floating substances, algae and microorganisms, from the water, adapting its quality to advanced international standards
    • A high level of optimization which facilitates the operation of the plant with limited manpower

Eshkol Center of Excellence – At the Heart of the Filtration Facility

Amongst the Most Advanced Laboratories in the World

  • Mekorot operates 6 advanced laboratories that conduct tests on all types of water samples. The central lab is located in Eshkol site
  • All the laboratories have been autorized by the Ministry of Health and they conmply with the Israel standard, ISO/IEC 17025, as well as with international quality standards
  • Each year approximately 260,00 difference tests are conducted on more then 71,000 different water samples
  • The laboratories integrate leading technology and advanced instrumentation, enabling high quality and efficient tests to be performed

Innovation center and Pilot Plant

  • In the heart of the filtration plant it is possible to suit the visit to the level of knowledge of the visitor by combining tours in the R&D center.
  • The room was constructed at a small scale model of the filtration plant to conduct a continues study to improve the performances of the filtration plant.
  • The room is also used to conduct Join alpha & beta projects with start-up companies, including feasibility tests and validation.

R&D in the Field of Desalination

Seawater Desalination

  • Boron removal
  • Flow Reversal
  • 18’ Membranes

Seawater Desalination

  • High flux & reclamation rate
  • Resistance to biofouling
  • Advanced disinfection processes

The desalination of brackish water

  • Brine treatment
  • Using anti-scaling chemicals without phosphorus
  • Advanced and efficient hardening plants

Technological support and analysis

  • Innovation-validation survey
  • Techno economic analysis and support
  • Join planning of alpha & beta and demonstration project. These are executed in Mekorot’s diversified applications throughout the water sector
  • Technological advice and support for R&D projects based on the extensive experience of more then 250 of Mekorot’s engineers
  • Feasibility tests and validation
  • Partial participation in project funding
  • Support in the commercialization of technologies


  • WaTech formulates a list of strategic needs and publishes an open call for cooperation
  • WaTech collects applications for new research in the water sector
  • Each proposal is submitted to a professional committee. A small proportion receive approval
  • Mekorot finances the research, it owns the intellectual property, and is the project facilitator
  • Development & implementation of knowhow and innovative cutting edge solutions for the water sector


Platforms for cooperation with academia, mature companies and start ups

  • Israel Innovation Authority
  • Bilateral Programs
  • European R&D Framework