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Evolution Water

An AI-based solution that dynamically optimizes energy consumption

About Evolution Water

Evolution Water is a leading innovator in water energy efficiency. Our Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning helps water utilities to cut their energy bill and optimize operations. Evolution’s AI matches supply with actual demand by reducing energy consumption and streamlining operation – all while maintaining Quality of Service.
Upon completion of the implementation in “Mekorot“, “Evolution Water” intends to promote work with national water companies around the world and enable them to become more energy efficient thanks to the company’s unique technology and strategic capabilities.
For the first time, an Israeli technological group in the artificial intelligence field has managed to establish and lead a pioneering venture in the water infrastructures field, which will develop, promote, manage, and commercialize technologies for electricity economies in the drinking, effluent and reclaimed water carrier systems. “Mekorot” has chosen “Evolution Water,” from the “Evolution Networks” Group, to be the company and technology for executing increased energetic efficiency in its systems. “Mekorot,” the Israeli national water corporation, is expected to increase efficiency and reduce its electricity costs by 10-15 % gradually. Reference is to annual costs of 200-250 million US dollars, comprising about 10 % of the State of Israel’s annual electricity consumption cost.


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