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At Mekorot, we support and incubate sustainable water innovation, from the heart of the Startup Nation.

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Climate crisis means water crisis. Water crisis means climate crisis.
Mekorot WaTech® funds and supports green startups

in Israel and across the world whose solutions have the potential to transform resource management as well as water use, treatment, and reuse. Our partnerships serve to develop new approaches to ever-more complex climate change challenges, faster, more efficiently, and with a new breath of innovation.

Power in innovations

Investing In startups

Our goal is to help scale up the competitiveness

of our portfolio companies' climate solutions, to turn them from islands of success to seas of change. We incorporate Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into our investment process and act in the best interests of our planet.

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A patented, chemical-free, self-cleaning technology to enable the on-site generation of a mix of oxidants on demand, eliminating the need for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials such as gas/liquid hypochlorite and cleaning acids.

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An advanced Open Radio Analysis (ORA) platform for radiofrequency perimeter surveillance, which uses radio signal & AI analysis algorithms to detect, classify, geo-locate, and passively intercept emitting devices, securing critical infrastructure.


A revolutionary urinalysis device that provides continuous critical medical insights. Mounted on any toilet, the convenient non-invasive hands-off solution helps users to proactively self-monitor for disease prevention and early detection.


An industry-first digital inspection platform based on multiple sensor inputs and proprietary machine-learning and civil engineering algorithms, ensuring the structural health of water supply and infrastructure assets, while saving time, effort, and resources.

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A machine learning engine for the prediction of failures in pipes. Based on past and current data, this engine can give real time indication on pipe’s bursts.


An AI algorithm for energy efficiency across water management system An additional layer on top of a decision support system (DSS)

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A smart, compact and cost effective sensor (AQUARING) for the detection of changes in water quality. This devise uses condition based monitoring in order to marry it with large data sets , resulting in real time water quality indication


A dedicated software for cyber and predictive maintenance across IOT devices Detecting anomalies in the equipment's score Each piece of equipment is scored and any deviation from its score can indicate of a failure

In the face of critical challenges such as aging infrastructure and the imperative for sustainable practices, Aquatis offers a new dimension in water system management through predictive and prescriptive maintenance services. Leveraging more than 40 years of data, alongside advanced analytics and machine learning, Aquatis has demonstrated its ability to significantly enhance operational efficiency and reliability, evidenced by significant cost savings and a very low false positive rate.

A new wave of possibilities
Discovering What’s Possible Today And Tomorrow
Mekorot WaTech® channels considerable resources to R&D.

We convert physical, financial, and human capital into ideas, then convert these ideas into green innovations, savings, and knowledge banks.

Our R&D initiatives are driven by best-in-class facilities.

Including an international R&D center for wastewater treatment and recycled water, and beta sites and waterboxes for testing. We have extensive national and international access to third-party grants, such as the EU Horizon 2020, with the right combination of industry talent and expertise.

International Innovation

A rich history of intrapreneurship
Resilience and out-of-the-box thinking

have fueled our ability to not only survive but to also thrive in a challenging water-scarce environment. Today, our many patents and ongoing patent filings document the excellent results of our long-time efforts and technology pool.

We are not just funders; we are genuine strategic partners

as long-time intrapreneurs in the water industry, we know the difficulties that come with turning ideas into realities. That’s why when we select our startup partners, we want them to be exceptionally driven about solving a problem that is relevant to the world of water.



extends different forms of assistance for advancing innovative technologies developed by both startups and established companies

list of needs

The challenges we are looking to solve
Water Resources

Water Resources | Groundwater Hydrology | Groundwater Wells | Surface Water

Water Treatment & Desalination

Water Treatment | Desalination and Membrane Systems

Water Supply

Water Quality Monitoring and Water Security | Pumping Equipment | Electricity | Energy | Piping Systems | Pipe Accessories | Hydraulics and Pressure Transients Materials and Corrosion | Cathodic Protection | Reservoirs | Water Tanks

Wastewater Reuse

Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reclamation | Effluent Reclamation Hydrology

Digital Water

Command & Control | Digital transformation and information technology Cyber | Physical Security | Advanced analysis missions | Asset Management | Decision Support Systems (DSS)

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Our story & why it matters

our story

Israel has one of the most advanced water sectors

in the world today. Behind this success is none other than Mekorot – when the average water loss rate of water utility providers in the OECD is 15%, Mekorot boasts a mere 3%.

Building a green future together

to combat the accelerating climate crisis, we need faster action, adaptability, and dynamic collaboration. To that end, we founded Mekorot WaTech® and began to support local and international startups and entrepreneurs to expand our innovation footprint and to turn our world into a better place for all.

Mekorot’s strong interest in sustainability

is rooted in our proud history in Israel – a desert country with scarce water resources. Since our establishment in 1937, we have been a driving force in our small country’s big ability to produce more water than it needs, as well as life-giving technologies such as desalination and drip irrigation.

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